Music is….interesting

One of the things I love about music, and life in general is the diversity of experience. Two people can listen to the same piece of music, song, opera, whatever and have entirely different experiences. For example at the moment I’m listening to Tyler Larson’s album “The 8-Bit Hymnal,” a 15 track exposition of classic hymn melodies done in the style of Super Mario Bros. Interesting. But somehow appealing to me. For some it may be appalling, for some comical, for some irritating. Same sounds, same notes…very different reception.

Why? Because we can...
Why? Because we can…

OK honestly it’s a bit ridiculous. But I can’t stop listening to it!

But it got me thinking about life, and who we are as humans. How can the same action have so many reactions? It is a testament to our diversity in stories, and the way God wired us. I firmly believe the way we were made, and the way we are each individually maturing and growing and evolving is on purpose, that there is a reason we are the way we are. And I would say it is a brilliant demonstration of our need for one another.

If we were created in God’s image, yet we are all different, what does that tell you? That there are 7 billion Gods? Or that not one human can contain  the fullness of God’s character and likeness. I’d offer the 2nd to be reality. It is true that along the way we as humans have tried to cover over God’s image in us with self reliance, self importance and if we’re honest self deification. We consider ourselves to be the highest being, or at least we act that way.

So we find our image of God within us distorted, faint, incomplete.

But there is a spark.

Within everyone I have ever met I have seen a reflection, however small, of God’s character. Whether that person is aware or not is irrelevant. What I know about God, and what I have seen in people align on some level without fail. I see the broken parts too, but I believe that is not the only part; nor the most important part. God made us individuals, unique creatures with incredibly diverse tastes, characteristics, and backgrounds. I feel like the most logical answer to why this is is that together we are a mosaic that when looked at from a distance is a fuller picture of who God is. Take all the best parts of me, you, all your friends, and you see a strong reflection of God’s goodness.

The beautiful thing is that even though we are not perfect, God still chooses to imbue His image on us. This allows us to experience a deeper sense of beauty, love, and hope, since those things come from God. Imagine a life without beauty, love or hope. Bummer.

So this started with music, and ended a bleak wasteland of hopeless gross emptiness. Just like country music the past 30 years.

Just kidding….maybe ;o)

Find what it is about you that is a reflection of God and shine it out! The world needs hope! YOU can be that for someone! Go! Shine it out baby!

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