To whoever is reading this: Greetings. I’m feeling super reflective and pensive at the moment, on the eve of my last day at Thalia Capos. I have a certain weight of emotion on my heart. It’s a mix of deep joy, deep sadness, and an overall gratitude that weaves through it all like the stringsContinue reading “Wisdom”

Now what?

Ok I know social media is not the place for this kind of topic, but I can’t keep my heart in my chest and my words in my head. If I don’t let them out I will explode. Consider this for me as much as it is for anyone. I honestly didn’t think I wouldContinue reading “Now what?”

What is the Church?

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on church, the Church, and churchy stuff lately. I haven’t had any earth moving revelations, but I have realized a lot about myself in the process. First: I’m pretty selfish. I want to me to feel good. Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should all be inContinue reading “What is the Church?”

Fat Tuesday

Lent. What a great season. We remember, and recognize our need for Life by sitting in the awareness of death for 40 days. Easter is a wonderful thing, the biggest moment in the Church calendar. And rightfully so! The power of Christ over death is what makes our hope a Living Hope, what makes ourContinue reading “Fat Tuesday”


I’m back. And by back, I mean back at work. 2 weeks went really, really fast. But here I am, on a Wednesday morning, in the church office, listening to Rage Against the Machine, trying to remember what a normal week looks like. It’s amazing how a major life transition can scramble your brain. I feelContinue reading “Back”

Waiting for Tobias

This could be it. 9 months of looking forward to something, weeks of prepping, shopping, naming. Days of wondering. Now it could be the time. What a crazy thing it is to have a baby. We can guess and hope and plan all we want, but we have no idea when he’s coming. I amContinue reading “Waiting for Tobias”


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