Waiting for Tobias

This could be it.

9 months of looking forward to something, weeks of prepping, shopping, naming. Days of wondering. Now it could be the time.

What a crazy thing it is to have a baby. We can guess and hope and plan all we want, but we have no idea when he’s coming. I am so grateful for my wife. She, along with mothers everywhere, is a rock star. It’s been hard for me to wait, but mostly because I have to see her so uncomfortable and I can do nothing.

So for now, we’re timing contractions, trying to sleep (yeah right) in case this is it. There are so many things in my head. PJ is going to have a brother. Soon I get to hold my second son. And I get to watch the most horrific thing I have ever seen again. Birth is a miracle, is amazing, is so wonderful, but it’s not pretty.

So pray for us. Pray for PJ. This is a big deal for him as well. He’s going to be an awesome brother.

It’s a relief to know we are potentially at the end of the waiting, but somewhat overwhelming to think about all that means. 2 boys. A newborn. A toddler (read: tyrant). Life is going to change big time.

Ok poll time: does this one look European, or Mexican, or some combination? PJ surprised everyone, what will Toby be?

That’s an even bigger question.

I can’t wait to see the answer.


One thought on “Waiting for Tobias

  1. I am betting European, as Paola is very fair. I think baby will have have darker hair than PJ. Never expected PJ to be that blond with Paola as momma! Whatever, it is a genetic experiment every time a baby is conceived & only God knows! It’s just a miracle!

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