The Balance Dance of Doom

There may be no more grand ideal than that of balance. That there is a precarious moment in time where everything is as it should be, where you work precisely enough, play exactly hard enough, family (yeah, it’s a verb now) enough to the thousandth degree…and all is well. Balanced. Perfect. Life as it shouldContinue reading “The Balance Dance of Doom”

Thoughts on Jeremiah 1-15

As part of an ongoing attempt to increase my awareness of God’s word and presence, I have been listening to the book of Jeremiah on my way to work every morning. Ok, it’s really because I’ve been using Habitify, an app that keeps track of good and bad behavior by giving you points and levelingContinue reading “Thoughts on Jeremiah 1-15”

Fat Tuesday

Lent. What a great season. We remember, and recognize our need for Life by sitting in the awareness of death for 40 days. Easter is a wonderful thing, the biggest moment in the Church calendar. And rightfully so! The power of Christ over death is what makes our hope a Living Hope, what makes ourContinue reading “Fat Tuesday”

Work In Progress

A large part of my working life is spent around music. I am employed by Edgewater Covenant Church as the Worship and Ministry Director, an appropriately vague title implying I lead the “Worship Ministry” (read: music, arts, service planning, among other things), as well as doing lots of other stuff. Currently I am employed 3/4Continue reading “Work In Progress”