Music and life

Or for me, more accurately, music IS life. There’s a certain part of all of us that is our…how do you say…biggest part? Most consuming passion? Obsessive hobby?

Obviously there are many pieces and parts of what makes up a person: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual etc. But I would say for most folks there are one, maybe two things that dominate their thoughts, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and overall mindscape. For some, it’s career advance, for others family, for some it’s sports, or movies, or building, painting, sleeping, taking taxi rides across the country; whatever it is, there is something that we love or love to do so much that it becomes a part of our identity. If it is removed from our routine, we get cranky, bitter and tired. I bet you’re thinking about what yours is at this very moment.

For me, it is and has been for a long time, 3 things. The most important things in my life, in 3 words: Jesus, Family, Music. In that order. My own identity is first found in being a redeemed mess that God loves, which shapes my choices and purpose. Second, my life is shared by those around me whom I love; both by relation and by choice. Friends are family. And finally my life is completely accompanied by a never ending soundtrack of music. It may not be playing out loud, but in my head there is always a song, a melody, a symphony running in the background (Right now it’s Lifehouse’s “All In” for some reason…I think I heard it on the radio yesterday).

For some who are not musically interested it may seem silly or pointless to put so much of my life’s emphasis on a series of (mostly) organized sounds and words. But if you knew my story, it would be the most natural leap you could make.

Born to 2 professional musicians, whose parents were musicians, and theirs too…the story is really long. My exposure to music started in utero, and has not since ceased. Started on violin at 3 years old, played in every ensemble I could in school, and outside of school. Played drums in marching band, guitar in jazz band, went to college to study music, graduated with a degree in music as a percussionist(hold your comments about percussionists being “musicians”). Music has taken me to amazing places, has offered employment, created lasting friendships, and brought deep satisfaction in creating beauty. And I think that is where the bow meets the string for me.

God is good. Beauty is good. God made beauty. God made us. God made us to make beautiful things. Think of the garden. We were to tend His creation, keeping things healthy and thriving. A healthy garden is a beautiful thing. I fully believe that anything in this world that contains a spark of beauty, offers a window to the One who made it all. Beauty is a reminder that this world was created for GOOD. Music is beauty, and it is the way God has wired me to reflect His beauty. So as I think of why music is so important to me, it’s simple:

Music  is the way God reveals Himself through me.

At my best, at my music’s best, God is showing the world that He is good. And so I play. For me, yes. I love doing it. But for God, absolutely. It doesn’t even need to be “Christian” or “Worship” music. If it is good, if it is beautiful, God is there. So the next time you hear a song you like, I hope you think of these things and it points your heart to the Creator of all that is good, and all that is beautiful. Then tell us about it! Recognizing and responding to God is what worship is! Let’s join and celebrate in a life of constant response to God’s goodness!

In what ways does God reveal Himself through you? That is a life-changing question.

Music is as Music does
Music is as Music does

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