Pedal build

I built a guitar pedal for my friend Tom Patitucci, a MONSTER guitar player/teacher/guru. The process was…..fine. Once I started over after 4 months of being annoyed. Once coming up with a (better) plan, starting over, and not destroying anything, I completed the pedal in about 8 hours. Much better than 4 months. It’s calledContinue reading “Pedal build”

Conditioned Response

Have you ever noticed that certain things, places, or activities tend to cause you to have a subconscious reaction? Like Pavlov’s dog and the bell? He rang the bell when he gave them food, which caused them to associate the bell with food. After a while, he would ring the bell without food, and theContinue reading “Conditioned Response”


If you haven’t figured it out, I tend to have a stream of consciousness approach to these posts. Rarely do I know what I am going to end up saying before I say it. For me, that is a part of this exercise. Daily (or not quite daily) emptying my brain of it’s thoughts helpsContinue reading “Complete”

Music and life

Or for me, more accurately, music IS life. There’s a certain part of all of us that is our…how do you say…biggest part? Most consuming passion? Obsessive hobby? Obviously there are many pieces and parts of what makes up a person: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual etc. But I would say for most folks there areContinue reading “Music and life”