It’s interesting the different activities or things we think are fun. It is sooo different from one person to the next! I had the chance to do three unrelated fun things today. They may or may not sound fun to you.

I started the day playing super Mario world. On super Nintendo. Oh yeah.

My wife didn’t believe me but I once beat that game in one sitting. What can I say I was in college.

Next I got to go to a park with my wife and son. Always a treat.

And then I get to work my butt off recording a faculty concert at uop. It is a lot of hard physical and mental work. But I love it. It comes naturally to me. Some may call it work, but I wouldn’t do it if it were work. I have a full time job. I do it for the experience, for the chance to capture magic on tape. Or a hard drive. And look at all the colored lights!

I hope you had fun today. It increases our humanity. At least I think so.

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