The Call to Create


It’s a beautiful world we live in. Beauty from nature, culture, individuals. I have always believed that part of God’s image that we hear is our ability to create. We are co-creators with God, able to make new things from old things, and contribute to the growing beauty of this world.

I have often felt a pull, a gut desire to create. It could be anything, but most often it’s music or poetry. Something about crafting words and phrases is very fulfilling to me. Usually when the urge comes, it feels almost like a restless discontent. Like something needs to be said, but I don’t get know what that is. It almost feels like the moments before a hard conversation with a loved one. You know you have to say it, but you’re not sure how it will come out, or how it will be received.

I’m beginning to feel that call, that need to express. I don’t know what it is, but I hope with some prayer and intentional thought I can get moving on it. What if love to do is take a month off and record an album. I’ve got about 14 studio ready songs, I just am not in a place where that feels like the right thing to do. Between job, wife, son, and new son arriving in a few weeks, my time is in demand. And I’m glad to comply.

So I need to figure out something else. Usually I start working on a new song, and that feeds the urge. Sometimes I paint, sometimes I write on my blog. But I need to keep creating.

What are you creating?

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