Blog 2.0

Well some of you may remember several years ago I had a daily blog working through what I was experiencing and learning as I was stepping in to full time vocational ministry. That was a great exercise for me as a person, as a learner, as someone who thinks I have something to contribute to the collective knowledge of those around me.

A lot changed in a somewhat short time, and that blog went belly up as my life got busier. It has been a couple years, and I feel like it is time for me to externally process again, and for you to hear what I have to say. I don’t in any way claim to know anything, to be an expert, or to think that you should think the way I do. This is merely an attempt to encourage, to offer thoughts, to start conversations. Mostly, this is a way for me to empty my brain. So take it with a grain of salt or sugar or whatever you take it with.

Mostly what’s on my mind these days are ministry, music, food, disc golf and family. Most posts will probably land on one of these topics.

Don’t hesitate to comment, ask questions, send me pizza etc…Image

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