Day one

So I only have a moment, as I am on PJ duty while Paola is at work. He happens to be sleeping at the moment, so this post will be as long as this blissful silence remains.
Its Saturday, my day off before the Big Dance, AKA Sunday morning. I feel like Sunday always comes a day too soon. I love church, I love leading God’s people in worship, I love being with my church family,heck I even love all the setup/troubleshooting/hectic nature of Sunday mornings. But since Sunday is really my Monday(the beginning of my work week), I always feel like it comes too soon. I could go off on rest cycles or weekly flow or rhythm of life; but I think the fact that we have a 15 month old boy tells you what sort of rhythm I have. Nonstop-punk-rock-200bpm-fly-off-the-tracks-good-luck-with-finishing-lunch-how-did-my-parents-do-it rhythm.
That being said I have learned a few things recently.

1: People are the important thing. Don’t get me wrong; I love stuff, I love doing stuff. But if those things get in the way of my friends, family, or stranger who needs a hand, I need to look at my priorities. No matter how busy I may be. Here’s an example: My son is a jewel, a treasure, and more often than I’d like to admit I wish he was asleep about the same amount as my cat(16-18 hours/day). Just so I can get my stuff done. See the problem? He needs me, my love, my time. And I need him! He is teaching me about love, trust, joy, dependence. And he’s waking up. So this is where I end today. God bless you as you find the important people in your life

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