Work In Progress

A large part of my working life is spent around music. I am employed by Edgewater Covenant Church as the Worship and Ministry Director, an appropriately vague title implying I lead the “Worship Ministry” (read: music, arts, service planning, among other things), as well as doing lots of other stuff. Currently I am employed 3/4Continue reading “Work In Progress”

The Soft Slide Away From Facebook

Well, it’s been a long time coming. Facebook. A paradox. At the same time helpful and damaging. Positive and negative. Connecting and alienating. Lately I have spent most my time on fb just reading. My posts over the last several months could be counted on 2 hands, maybe a foot. And what have I learned?Continue reading “The Soft Slide Away From Facebook”

Pedal build

I built a guitar pedal for my friend Tom Patitucci, a MONSTER guitar player/teacher/guru. The process was…..fine. Once I started over after 4 months of being annoyed. Once coming up with a (better) plan, starting over, and not destroying anything, I completed the pedal in about 8 hours. Much better than 4 months. It’s calledContinue reading “Pedal build”


Diversity is an incredible thing. I think that the world is a much better place that everyone is different. I know I wouldn’t want everyone to be like me, and I can’t really think of any one person that I would want everyone to be like either. It is a source of joy, excitement, andContinue reading “Unity”

Music is….interesting

One of the things I love about music, and life in general is the diversity of experience. Two people can listen to the same piece of music, song, opera, whatever and have entirely different experiences. For example at the moment I’m listening to Tyler Larson’s album “The 8-Bit Hymnal,” a 15 track exposition of classicContinue reading “Music is….interesting”

Thoughts on Scripture 2

In the 2nd chapter of the gospel of John, Jesus turns water in to wine. Most of us have heard this story, and some have used it as evidence that it’s ok for Christians to drink alcoholic beverages, or something like that. In reading that this afternoon, I am struck by the situation that JesusContinue reading “Thoughts on Scripture 2”

Conditioned Response

Have you ever noticed that certain things, places, or activities tend to cause you to have a subconscious reaction? Like Pavlov’s dog and the bell? He rang the bell when he gave them food, which caused them to associate the bell with food. After a while, he would ring the bell without food, and theContinue reading “Conditioned Response”